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Reflecting on the Fall 2021 Glamour Retreat

Gulf Shores, AL Glamour Retreat

With the Fall 2021 Glamour Retreat coming to a close I realized this event was almost exactly 2 years after our last event, the Fall 2019 Glamour Retreat. While we had a Spring 2020 event planned in Panama City Beach, FL, the beginning of the pandemic brought that to an abrupt end. As 2020 rolled by and the first half of 2021 ticked away, I began to wonder if I even wanted to host another Glamour Retreat. But, to make it up to those who stuck with me after the cancellation of Spring 2020, I had to put together another one. And I can't express how happy I am that I did.

The Fall 2021 Glamour Retreat was such a success and reminded me of how much I love hosting and being around a group of like-minded people. Gathering several models and photographers together to network and learn can be really inspiring. You get to witness firsthand the excitement when someone gets the perfect shot. When someone learns something new. When someone makes a new best friend. When someone learns to come out of their shell. These are all things that happened at this one event alone, and there have been so many others with equally as inspiring moments.

Personally, the Glamour Retreat, put simply, is an escape from reality. This event in particular was a reminder of what life was like before the pandemic. Each individual that attended took time out of their busy lives to unwind and do something they love while being surrounded by people that love the same thing. I feel lucky and honored to be able to create an experience like this, and I hope to make more in the future.

So, the only question left is where to next?

Fall 2021 Glamour Retreat Recap Video

Now up on YouTube!

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Glamour Retreat Fall 2021 Attendees

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Fall 2021 Glamour Retreat. After 2 years away, this was the perfect group to bring it back.

Models: Alexandra Vargas, Aliss Marie, Amber Louise, Cindy Von Ahlefeldt, Faith Elyse, Kenadie Kostmayer, Marina Maliden, Sam Davis, & Serenity Axas

Photographers: 1light Photography, Bradd McMinn, Blacksuit FM, BWS Visual, Frank Kaufmann, Keith Young, & Kevin Javier

Without all of you, this event wouldn't be what it was.

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